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Best Islands In Croatia

We bring you some of the best islands you must visit on your trip to Croatia. Croatia is a country located in Central and Southern Europe, on the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is perfectly nestled...

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10 Reasons Why Pit Bulls Rule

I wanted to write this post because I think that this beautiful, loving and friendly breed doesn’t get that much attention in the world as it should. I think all people who have ever...

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Healing Your Skin After Summer

No matter where you live, it’s likely that you experienced a particularly hot summer this year. Chances are, in addition to the stress of extra heat, your skin was exposed to more sun than...

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Essential Oils for Cleaning Your Home

Did you know you can use essential oils for cleaning your home? How to clean and refresh your home with essential oils? Stagnant air has an unpleasent smell and it’s bad for your health,...

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ginger benefist

Proven Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is surprisingly the most widely used dietary condiment in the world today. Ginger is a common ingredient in Asian and Indian cuisine. However, ginger has been used for its medicinal properties for...

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5 Ingredients That Trigger Migraines

“Persons with headache and migraine have more dietary options than ever. Ultimately a healthy headache diet excludes processed foods, minimizes caffeine and includes a lot of fruits, vegetables, fish and lean meats. After all,...

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The healing of your tattoo is the final aspect of your art piece. The opinions and advice given are endless, and there are more experts out there than tattoos. Since we guarantee our work...

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DIY: Homemade Rose Water

What You Need Fresh roses A large pot Distilled water Optional : A heat-safe bowl this is only necessary if you want to make pure rose water    How to Make Homemade Rose Water  ...

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How to clean oven

How To Clean Your Oven

When was the last time you cleaned your oven? Be honest. Would you be embarrassed if a neighbor … or your mother-in-law, opened it up? Sadly, I have been known to leave my oven...

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How To Cook Perfect Salmon Fillets

Buying the Salmon When cooking salmon in the oven or on the grill, one large piece of fish works well. But when pan-searing on the stovetop, opt for individual fillets. One six- to eight-ounce...

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Turtles as Pets

Getting a pet is always a very important decision and one that should be made only when you are aware of what having this pet will entail. What type of turtle, sources of turtles,...

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