Baking soda for cleaning – how to use it?


Most of the detergents for cleaning are full of chemicals and toxins and not only that they are detrimental for our health but also for our enviroment.

There are many alternative ingredients which can be used in cleaning, and there is one you should certainly use – baking soda.

Do not underestimate the power of baking soda, it is definitely a healthier choice and as effective as today’s cleansing detergents.

In this text I bring you ways you can use baking soda in cleaning :

Stains on the carpet :

If it happens that you make a stain on a carpet it is important that you try to remove it immediately. Swipe with vinegar and than put on baking soda. Let it work for half an hour, and you can leave even better results overnight. After the stain is absorbed, clean the surface and now you can use vacuum cleaner over your carpet to get full results.

Washing clothes :

Add baking soda to your clothes detergent. Soda will additionally soften the water, which means you will need less detergent and will increase the bleaching rate, which means you will need less bleach.

Unpleasant smell in the fridge :

Put the open container of baking soda in the freezer or fridge because it will eliminate unpleasant smell. If you have food leftovers inside the refrigerator, try cleaning them with a mixture of vinegar, lemon and baking soda. First you put baking soda all over your fridge and than sprinkle vinegar and squeez lemon all over.

Cleaning your bathroom :

Let’s be real, no one loves cleaning bathroom. If you are in an area with hard water, your toilets will be a favorite place for tiny bacteria. Water Minerals can create brown rolls inside the toilet and when this happens you will usually have to use strong cleaning detergent that can damage china and irritate your eyes and nose.

To prevent stains and keep your toilet clean, clean your bathroom once a week with baking soda. Dip your toilet with a cup of soda, then apply vinegar in spray. Leave about ten minutes to work, then scrape and rinse.

In addition to the toilet, soda can help you clean the bathtub and wash sink. Apply the same procedure as for cleaning the toilet.

Stains from coffee and tea : 

Coffee and tea stains can be very stubborn. Mix half a cup of soda in one liter of water and soak the coffee or tea cup.

Cleaning dishwasher : 

The cleanliness of the washing machine should be maintained regularly so that it works efficiently. Simply pour a cup of bicarbonate into the washing machine and let it work. Not only will it help you with dirt, it will also refresh the dishwasher.

Garden furniture maintenance :

After summer season it is time to store garden furniture. Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda under the chair with pillows, and it will keep them fresh during the winter season. You can also shed plastic chairs and tables.

Drain cleaning :

Drain can often create unpleasant  smell. Pour half cup of baking soda into the drain and then pour half cup of vinegar. Let it work for about 15 minutes and then let the boiling water into the drain.

Apply this method only if you have metal tubes.

Stubborn stains on pots and taps :

On pots and powders we often find stubborn stains from residues of food. Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on a stubble stain, then sprinkle with boiling water and a small amount of detergent. Let it work for about 15 minutes, then wash it.


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