Basic Tools You Should Always Have at Home


Do you know which basic tools you should always have at home?When you buy tools, choose the best one you can afford.
Good tools should be well-balanced, so it is easier to work with. Beside that, this kind of tool is firmer, will last longer and eventually turn out cheaper.

The most important tools and accessories

These tools should always come in handy for emergency repairs in the household:

  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Combination pliers
  • Awl
  • Retractable knife
  • Measuring tape, Duck tape, Adhesive tape
  • Scissors

  • Hammers


Claw hammer is a tool primarily used for pounding nails into, or extracting nails from, some other object. This is probably the most useful hack for the home collection tool.

Maybe you’ll also need

Narrow hammer –  it has narrow head, which is helpful when you are pounding nails in inaccessible angles and adjusting small nails into right position for hammering.

  • Screwdrivers


It is worth it to buy a set of screwdrivers : a handle and a number of different extensions, because such a tool is more compact.

  • Basic screwdrivers – It is useful for greater diversity. (Buy two or three screwdrivers of different widths).
  • Cross screwdrivers – can be found in three sizes. It is very useful to have at least two of them because if top does not exactly fit in a screw, screwdriver will slip.
  • Electrician screwdriver – use it when you are working with plugs and other electrical equipment, because its handle is isolated good with resistant plastic.

Just in case choose a type that is mostly insulated with a plastic sleeve and has an electrical voltage indicator.

Maybe you’ll also need

Spiral screwdriver – it is used to press (rather than turn) the handle. For this type of screwdriver, you can get extensions of various dimensions. 

  • Awl and Thin Drill Bit


They are usefull for drilling small initial holes for screws in the wall and in wood before using drill bit so it won’t slip.

  • Pliers


Combination pliers – it is used when bending, stretching, straightening, holding and pulling of various metal objects and wire cutting.

Joiner pliers – It is used to extract nails and wedges.

Maybe you’ll also need

Bristle pliers – are useful at inaccessible and cramped space. It is also used to keep smaller nails and wedges while you are hammering them.

If you are always fixing in your household get a special pliers for nail lifting, removing insulation from electrical wiring, cutting and crowning ceramic tiles etc.

  • Wrenches


Open wrenches – are used for tightening or threading the nuts on the side as well as for pipe joints. Get the keys of different sizes.

Spud wrenches – are particularly useful when working on water supply systems, but it will also be good for every loose nut.

Maybe you’ll also need

Large, firm, French keys (universal) – for clamping tubes and rods, flat and round steel objects etc.

One-handed saw blade – for sawing boards, various panels, panel, chipboard and lacoste. The more ‘teeth’ are thicken, the cut is finer.

  • Scissors


Basic multifunction scissors – for wallpaper and other materials. Do not use good shears for the wallpaper because it will become dull.

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