Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

I wanted to share with you all these benefits of drinking green tea for one reason. I spent few months in China and one thing I can say is that those people can drink a LOT of tea.
And that got me thinking, is this one of the reasons they all look so young and their skin is so nice and clean? Sure it is!

So, I will probably write later about some other tea herb, but I am starting with green tea because it is my favorite and it doesn’t need any sugar or any other sweetener, it is perfect just the way it is ( after you get use to its flavor) (: And also, some of the nutritionists say it is the healthiest thing you can drink.

And the great thing is green tea can be grown at home, in forests, or on tea plantations.

So, here it is guys. Enjoy.

  • Benefits Of Drinking Green tea : Improves blood flow and lower cholesterol

Also, it helps prevent a range of heart-related issues. And we all know that what is good for the heart, it is good for the brain, too.

Having diabetes? Green tea helps keeping blood sugar stable.

  • What effects has Green tea on Cancer?

When it comes to that, studies are divided. More precisely, studies are in early stages and we can’t really count on green tea fighting cancer for sure, but my personal oppinion is that it can’t be bad.

  • Helps you calm and relax

Now, I don’t know was that because of a enviroment in beautiful old Chinese tea house I was drinking it, but sure thing I was feeling relaxed after just one cup. So hurry up and make your tea break 🙂

  • It is believed that green tea can actually speed up metabolism and help burn calories faster.

  • Green tea helps you fighting with gum disease

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