Best Natural Aphrodisiacs Revealed!

Best Natural Aphrodisiacs Revealed!

Best Natural Aphrodisiacs Revealed! The level of testosterone in our body drops at the beggining of spring and is the lowest when air temperatures are highest.

And as we all know, the decline in testosterone levels means a decrease in sexual desire.

Sexual needs for both, women and men, depends on psychological condition, stress level, bloodstream condition, physical condition, nerve system sensitivity…

Plants that have recieved epithet as aphrodisiac affect the pelvic circulation, stimulate the natural secretion of sex hormones, help with diseases and disorders associated with urinary bladder and prostate in men, or ovaries and uterus in women.

Natural aphrodisiacs, with no negative side effects, awake and strengthen sexual desire.

Although large amounts of alcohol are not welcome, in small quantities alcohol can act as an aphrodisiac.

So, let’s meet some natural aphrodisiacs.

Best Natural Aphrodisiacs

Oysters ( shells)Best-Natural-Aphrodisiacs-Revealed

They are very rich in zinc, which is necessary for the synthesis of male sex hormone- testosterone.

Oysters increase the production of sperm, and the volume of ejaculate.

In addition to the indisputable role in male libido, some scientists believe that it is also involved in stimulating a female sex drive.

According to the recommendation, oysters are best to eat freshly opened and sprinkled with lemon juice.



Thanks to the zinc, sunflower seeds stimulate the libido. If you want to feel their full power, nibble them or add to yoghurt, spreads, soups or pasta dishes, experts say.



It is believed that the smell of cucumber increases the circulation of female organs, and thus increases libido in women.

Therefore, refresh yourself with cucumber salad.



This plant removes the problems associated with the digestive system, stimulates fat degradation, reduces inflammatory processes and acts relaxing.

If you pour fresh leaves with hot water, you will get tea, and also you can chop the basil in salad.



Studies have shown that women who eat dark chocolate every day are more likely to have an orgasm. Eat 2-4 pieces of dark chocolate every day, and you can double the effect if you prepare hot chocolate with a little hot pepper.



Garlic increases circulation and has a mildly stimulating effect. Once upon a time, the Tibetan monks were not allowed to enter the monastery if they did not eat garlic earlier because it was believed to increases passion.



Citrulline naturally helps achieve and maintain erections. You can eat just watermelon itself or make a sorbet. In a bowl, heat 1/2 cup of agave nectar and lemon juice, add 1/2 cup of sugar and mix until the sugar melts.

Cool and then chop 1 kg of watermelon in blender, add cooled nectar and stir. Freeze for 4 hours and mix with fork and serve.

Chilli Peppers


Chilli peppers contain active substance capsicin, which increases the number of heartbeats, accelerates circulation and metabolism, and causes sweating – all of these “symptoms” are present during making love. Scientists believe that spicy food stimulates the secretion of endorphins that arouses the feeling of good mood and excitement.



It contains ingredients that act as a female sex hormone estrogen, and it has been shown to increase libido in women. You can eat it raw cooked, as a soup or in salad, and in addition to desserts and juices.



In ancient Persia, the couples drank honey after the wedding to make their marriage successful and from that time people are using popular term ‘honeymoon’. Honey is rich in B vitamins needed to produce testosterone. Honey also contains an ingredient that in men raises testosterone levels, and women estrogen estradiol levels. Add it to tea or rinse on pancakes.



It is considered a love fruit because it stimulates sexual vitality. Rich in vitamin E, it protects the skin and has a beneficial effect on blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Avocado contains substances that protect against breast and prostate cancer.

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