Banana Peel – Here Are Few Best Ways to Use It

Banana peel –  here are few best ways to use it !

Can you slice one banana up and put it over a bowl of cereal? Sure can. How about putting one in your next protein shake to make a yummy and powerful post-workout smoothie? Oh yeah. It’s really true: from baking to DIY-skin care, the banana really does go a long way.

This is probably one of the most common fruits found in India and that is also probably why we don’t really relish it as much. But before throwing the banana peel into the bin, read this post to know its benefits. It will give you amazing results.

Here is how to use the banana peel:

  • Banana peel for teeth whitening

Professional teeth cleaning is expensive, and over-the-counter at-home teeth whitening products can make your teeth uncomfortably sensitive. Rub the banana peel every day for a week on your teeth for about 1-2 minutes. The peel contains salicylic acid (a natural astringent), citric acid (a natural and gentle bleaching agent), and manganese, magnesium, and potassium which can remove stains without wearing down your enamel.

  • Remove skin warts

For this, simply rub the peel on the affected area or tie the peel overnight on it. Continue to do this process until you totally remove the wart. It is really simpe way of using banana peel for skin.

  • Eat them

Banana peels can also be eaten. You can find amazing Indian recipes that use banana peels. They are also used to tender chicken.


  • Reduces Wrinkles

The banana peel helps to keep your skin hydrated. Add an egg yolk to a mashed banana peel. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it for 5 minutes. Wash off after 5 minutes.

  • Shoes, Leather, Silver Polish

Remove those scuff marks yourself by gently rubbing the inside of the peel against your favorite pair of leather boots, dress shoes, or heels. When you’re done, simply wipe down the shoes with a clean cloth. The potassium and mild-waxiness from the peel absorbs into the leather and helps diminish the appearance of scuffs and water damage. Who ever thought you could buff with a banana!

Some Important Tips

  1. Use a fresh banana peel for best results.
  2. Never keep an unpeeled banana for long. Consume immediately after peeling. Also, the peel should be used immediately.
  3. Store bananas in a cool, dry place and always keep them away from heat or sunlight.
  4. Never store banana peels in a refrigerator.
  5. Avoid throwing banana peels on the roads or public places. Use bins or save them for better purposes.

Green or yellow banana peel?

If you want to lose weight, green peels are better because they contain more probiotics. Probiotics help your digestive health. Also, it has been shown that green peels increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine.

I know it would be hard for you to eat the peel, but there are some ways you can do that.

For example, make a smoothie. Throw away both ends of the peel and put it in a blender, adding some coconut milk, cinnamon, ice, and any other ingredient you like. If you choose this method, use yellow peels because they have a banana flavor and are sweeter.

The other option for ripe bananas is tea. To prepare the tea, remove the ends and boil the peel in a pot for about 10 minutes. Strain it and enjoy your banana tea. If you want your tea sweeter, add a little honey.

However, green bananas are better for cooking. You can use green banana peels to prepare chutneys or curries, or even use them instead of potatoes. The only thing you need is being creative. Feel free to get creative. Buy organic bananas and clean them thoroughly before using.

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