Chocolate & Chili Dessert – Tasty Balance


Chocolate & Chili Dessert? It is really a tasty balance. If you like trying something new I suggest that you try this recipe. I tried this in very good Italian restaurant called Marble in Guagzhou, China.

Ingreditents for Chocolate & Chili Dessert ( for one portion) :

  1.  0,3 l cooking cream
  2.  30 g povdered sugar
  3.  1 whipping cream
  4.  200 g dark chocolate
  5.  ¼ teaspoon freshly ground chili
  6.  50 ml white rum
  7.  30 g chocolate cookies

Preparation : 

Melt chocolate on steam and mix ground chlli with it. Whisk together solid cream, sugar, whipping cream and then add dissolved chocolate while still mixing. Leave 2 tablespoon of cream for decoration.

Crush chocolate cookies into small pieces. Pour chookies into glass and sprinkle rum and chocolate cream with chili on it.

In the end decorate it with cream you left, chili and mint leaf.

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