Clean Your Stuffy Nose in Natural Way


Since we are always trying to find natural solutions for everyday life, now we came up with these few tips on how to clean your stuffy nose in natural way.
Changes in seasons, cold and alergies often lead to unpleasants such as stuffy nose and heavy breathing. We bring you few natural advices how you can help yourself without taking medicines.

SALINE ( Saline Solution )


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You can find saline in every pharmacy store. Clean your nose before using it. Try not to sneeze and keep saline as long as possible in the nose. It is because saline need time to degrade the mucus and clean your nose. In the same time, salihe is much cheaper than spray with sea salt.



Green tea will help you recover a weakend immune system and cleanse sinuses when you suffer from cold or allergies. Green tea helps with the stuffy nose because it contains antioxidants that stimulate immune system. That helps alleviate symptoms associated with a cold, such as stuffy nose, high body temeperature or an inflamed throat. Green tea also contains vitamin C and I-Teanin.

If you wanna read more info about benefits of green tea click HERE.


Clean Your Stuffy Nose in Natural Way3

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You can also help yourself by increasing moisture level with air humidifier. Turn it on before bedtime so you can breathe easier during night.

You can also spend 10 minutes, for two or more times a day, under a hot shower or make your own diy home ” inhaler” – fill the bowl with hot water, place your head above it and cover with a towel – and make sure you don’t burn yourself! Steam from water will do miracles for your mucous membranes.

Our tip : We suggest that you try adding few drops of peppermint oil. My mother used it to help me cleanse the sinuses.

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This is method of nose washing – using a special bowl with lukewarm salt water. The bowl resembles on horn of the rhinoceros and it is used for clearing the sinuses and nose. This bowl for nasal cleansing you can find in pharmacy store.


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