Add a lovely summer gift tag detail




These are quick and easy gift tags to make, especially for summertime birthday parties. We have quite a few birthdays coming up, so I thought I’d be proactive and make these tags to prepare. They only take a couple minutes, and come on, they are adorable! Here is how you make these simple DIY Fruit Slice Gift Tags.

Time: 5-10 Minutes


Materials : 

  •  Colored Paper
  •  3.5” Circle Punch
  • 3” Circle Punch
  • Glue Stick
  • Colored Markers or Pens
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon


Instructions : 

If you don’t have circle craft punches, you can use other round objects such as drinking glasses or mugs as a template. You need two sizes; one for the rind and the other smaller size for the inside of the fruit. The ones pictured here have a half inch size difference.




Fold both circles in half and glue the smaller circle on the outside of the gift tag. Use colored markers to draw the inside of the fruit. I used fine tipped Sharpie markers. Punch a hole in the corner and write your message inside. Use ribbon to tie it to a gift. That’s it!




In just a few minutes you have added your own personal touch to wrapping the gift !

Source : diy inspired 

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