All the Ingredients You Need for Body Care This Winter


Did you ever wonder what are all the ingredients you need for body care this Winter? Cold and wind are the enemies of beautiful skin. An adequate care will make your skin resistant to cold, prevent redness, itching, drying and cracking. Here are the best tips to keep your skin in shape until spring:

Burdock oil against skin flaking

Thick woolen caps drain the skin of the head, as a result you get itching and peeling scalp.

Massage with Burdock oil moisturizes irritated skin, improves circulation and stimulates the work of the gland.

How to: Put five drops of oil into the scalp, leave for half an hour and wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Important: Avoid products for hair that have alcohol in it, because they irritate skin.

Antibacterial mask

Body reacts to the absence of light and beause of that skin starts to peel.

How to: Mix 3 cups of bran, 1 L of yogurt and five drops of lemon juice on the skin and rinse for 15 minutes.

The mixture acts antibacterial and increases the skin’s resistance.

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Kiwi for skin flexibility


Warm wardrobe prevents the skin from breathing.

In time it becomes dry and starts peeling, and also pores are closed.

How to: Massage the body with two mashed kiwifruits. Its fruit acid cleans and nourishes the skin, and vitamins A and C strengthen the tissue and make the skin elastic.

Lemon for legs without cellulite


On cold, lymphatic fluid is collected in connective tissue, leading to cellulite formation.

How to: Mix the juice of one lemon and five tbsp of jojoba oil and forcefully massage your legs. Vitamin C strengthens connective tissue and make your legs nice and tight.

Honey protects


Low air humidity damages the skin and leads to redness and irritation.

Skin care products with honey create a protective layer, increase Ph value, give skin the required moisture and enhance cell renewal.

Trick : Tap in honey on your lips, they will be softer and more beautiful.

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Massage for better circulation

Due to poor circulation in the winter, the skin looks greyish and pale. Daily massage with glove removes dead cells, boosts circulation and works positively on connective tissue. The skin becomes fresher and gets that pinkish color.

Lavander against acne

In the winter cells are recuperated more slowly, so skin is prone to irritation and acne.

Lavender essential oil kills bacteria and calms inflammation of the skin.7

How to: Tap in oil three times a day on problematic spots on the skin.

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