Have a great body and gain a discipline, not only in body but in life.

These few steps will definitely help you stay focused when it comes to losing weight.

1. Have a clear goal – It should be one that anyone in the world can measure and understand.

2. Pick up a pen – Write down how much you’ve eaten and you’re more likely to practice portion control – and see how to lose weight fast! Study has shown that people who kept a food journal lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t! Knowing your routine helps you figure out what changes are right for you.

3. Drink tea –  Research suggests that those who drink tea—black, green, or white, as long as it’s from real tea versus herbal tea—have lower BMIs and less body fat than those who don’t consume tea.

4. Cut down rest time between sets –  This will keep your heart rate elevated, causing an increase in calories burned.

5. Skip through commercials – Get moving when your favorite TV show gets interupted by commercials. It can be anything that gets your heart rate up. Do it for 2 minutes during a typical 2 hour TV show and you will lose 270 calories a day. Dance, rup up and down on some stairs, skip, run in place, do some abs on couch, …

6. Lift weights – Build more muscle, burn more calories.

7. Walk 5 minutes more – Increasing daily activity level by just a few minutes, day by day, helped losing weight faster. Your goal should be 30 minutes of physical activity a day. It is important that you feel good when doing in and don’t push yourself off your limits. You will get there.

8. Add beans to your salad –  that is tasty way to add some fiber, protein and healthy carbs into your meal.

9. Look at your mirror and not your scale – When you are happy with what you see in the mirror and don’t mind that number on scale,  I think that you are probably where you want to be 🙂

10. Eat breakfast – the most important meal of the day! You will do much more good to your body if you eat your breakfast every day – DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUT IT! 

And remember – Keep your mind healthy and body you want will eventually come with it!

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