Seasoned Broccoli Fights Cancer

Seasoned Broccoli Fights Cancer

Seasoned broccoli fights cancer because of the ingredient called sulforaphane.

Broccoli is known as a superfood that fights cancer and if you season it with horseradish or a wasabi it improves the effect of curing.

That ingredient sulforaphane is the key, but the more you cook broccoli the least sulforaphane you can find in it. To prevent that, scientists recommend adding horseradish or wasabi because they contain enzyme called myrosinase.

Scientists and nutritionists say that seasoned broccoli stimulates absorption in the upper part of  stomach. Besides horseradish and wasabi, you can also use mustard. The hotter the better – they say.

These other foods that you can combine with broccoli for the similar effect are :

Everything that containts myrosinase.

After consuming, results are visible after just 30 minutes. It’s recommended to have 3-5 portions of broccoli per week and you’ll be sure that you are doing something very good in fighting cancer.

If you are not a big fan of it you can add fresh broccoli sprouts on your sandwich or in pizza dressing.

Try figuring out wich combination works better for you and stay healthy. Try adding as more vegetables as you can in your diet.

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